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Doing Business with the BEP
BEP Chief Procurement Officer Randall C. Burleson
Chief Procurement Officer Randall C. Burleson, CPCM

The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO) is under the general direction of the Associate Director, Chief Financial Officer.  Randall C. Burleson, CPCM is the Chief Procurement Officer for the BEP and Connie Thomas is Deputy Chief Procurement Officer.  Randall can be reached at and Connie can be reached at


OCPO directs all BEP acquisition activities including the award and administration of contracts for research and development, architectural and engineering services, construction, advisory and assistance services, non-personal services, stock supply items, and highly specialized securities printing and processing equipment and services. OCPO is comprised of three divisions: the Production Division, the Services Division and the Policy and Small Business Division. 


Click the links provided to learn more about each division.


In addition, vendors who may have technologies or materials with potential application as a counterfeit deterrent feature in United States currency, please click the link provided for more information on who to contact at the BEP.