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Press Center

The BEP's Office of External Relations coordinates all news media activities, prepares press releases related to the BEP's activities, business, and products, and works with the media to coordinate interviews and provide accurate information for reports, articles, and stories.

The Office of External Relations also coordinates filming missions and photography sessions done at the BEP by outside parties. (For security reasons, this opportunity is granted on a limited basis.) B-roll footage from the BEP is available for download here.


B-roll footage (HD and SD format) can also be acquired from Getty ImagesThere is a licensing fee for all footage acquired from Getty Images.

Requests to interview BEP officials or other BEP personnel should be faxed or e-mailed to one of the contacts listed below. The request must be submitted on official letterhead, and include the following information:


  • Subject matter
  • Interview date desired
  • Requestors title, signature, and telephone number




Bureau of Engraving and Printing - DC Facility (Washington, DC)
Lydia Washington

Phone (202) 874-3487
Fax (202) 874-3177


Bureau of Engraving and Printing - Western Currency Facility (Fort Worth, TX)
Carol Riggs

Phone (817) 847-3881
Fax (817) 847-3757