Mutilated Currency Packing Directions

The mutilated currency examiners are best able to determine the value of the currency when it has been carefully packed and boxed as described below.  As a result, failure to follow the directions below may result in denial of mutilated currency redemption request:

Regardless of the condition of the currency notes, do not disturb the fragments any more than absolutely necessary.

If the currency is brittle or inclined to fall apart, pack it carefully in cotton and box it as found, without disturbing the fragments, if possible.

If the currency was mutilated in a purse, box, or other container, it should be left therein, if possible, to protect the fragments from further deterioration or from being lost.

If it is absolutely necessary to remove the fragments from the container, send the container along with the currency and any other contents found. 

If the currency was flat when mutilated, do not roll, fold, laminate, tape, glue or in any other way alter the currency in an attempt to preserve it.

If the currency was in a roll when mutilated, do not attempt to unroll or straighten it out.

If coin or any other metal is mixed with the currency, carefully remove it.  Do not send coin or other metal in the same package with mutilated paper currency, as the metal will break up the currency.  Any fused, melted, or otherwise mutilated coin should be sent to the United States Mint for evaluation.